Elmhurst Bike Club (EBC) Metro Metric (mm) Invitational Routing Page.

2006 METRO METRIC WEB SITE       Official Brochure (.pdf)

UP TO DATE AS OF 7/24/06
(minor cue sheet changes)

Basic routing spread sheet
    *in Lotus 123 format, but you can also open it with M S EXCEL.
Printable .pdf of the basic part of the above spreadsheet:
      Summary, notes and the source cue sheet for all routes.
See the table below for the individual cue sheets.

Recommended SAG routing spread sheet*   [Printable .pdf version.] .
Corresponding map:   printable: [7x13 .jpg (2.3 meg)]   [6x10 .jpg (1.5 meg)]
reduced for screen display: [(1/3 meg)].

Route Information and Coordinates
We will use "nominal" values for the distances:    305062100
The corresponding actual distances are: 29.953.462.7100.0
Colors: greenpinkyellowblue
Link to FavoriteRun.com map: 48327 48330 48341 48338
Cue sheet (*) - spread sheet format .wk4 .wk4 .wk4 .wk4
Cue sheet (*) - printer ready format .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf
.gpx file:   e.g., for GPS or FavoriteRun.com .gpx .gpx .gpx .gpx
tab separated file:   e.g., for Lotus123 .prn .prn .prn .prn
coma separated file:   e.g., for Excel
      or DeLorme Mapper
(*) Cue sheet for a 66 and a 58 mile route starting at Kaneville covering most
of the Metro Metric Route:   [.wk4]   [.pdf]   larger print: [.wk4]   [.pdf]
Cue sheet for a 100 mile route to Hampshire starting at Sugar Grove covering most
of the Metro Metric Route:   [.wk4]   [.pdf]
      total distance at which riders reach each rest stop - miles
Virgil       7 am to 1 pm17171717
Johnson's Mound       8 am to 1 pm
      (62 and 100 milers only)
Maple Park       8 am to 3 pm
  [100 milers come here twice]
Back to Hampshire305363100

Map segments ("legs") at "favoriterun"
Hampshire to Virgil (All Riders)      17.23 miles
Virgil to Johnson's (100) Part A      14.37 miles
Virgil to Johnson's (62) Part A      6.04 miles
Virgil to Johnson's (62 & 100) Part B      6.73 miles
Johnson's to Maple Park* (62 and 100)      14.47 miles
*Kaneville add'l Loop (100)      8.70, 8.25 miles (net)
Virgil to Maple Park (50) Part A      1.83 miles
Maple Park Loop (100) Part A      4.64 miles
Maple Park Loop (50 100) Part B      16.13 miles
Maple Park to Hampshire (50 62 100) Part A      10.00 miles
Virgil to Hampshire (30) Part A      4.48 miles
Maple/Virgil to Hampshire (All) Part B      8.42 miles
Virgil to Johnson's (100) Part A SCENIC OPTION NOT for Metro Metric (patch)  12.67 miles (vs. 14.37)
Johns's to M P add loop for 100 milers - to bring Scenic Option Version up to 100 miles  9.21 miles (vs. 8.25)

ROUTE MAPS:   for all distances   (in color but they can be printed in black and white)
All are in   .jpg   format  (let me know if you need a   .tif   format version).
[legal size 7.4x13 (2 meg)]     reduced to [letter size 5.7x10 (1.5 meg)]
increased to 9.1x16 map size to print on 11x17 sheet - (3 meg)
          or on 2 - 8.5x11: [N half 9.1x8 (1.5 meg)] [S half 9.1x8 (1.5 meg)]
increased to 13x24 (3 meg)   print on 3 - 8.5x14:   [N] [C] [S]   each: 13x8 ( ~ 1 meg).
The 30 and 50 mile routes only:   [letter size 8x10.5 (1.8 meg)]
Small versions for monitor display:   [low rez (0.3 meg)]     [very low rez (0.2 meg)]

DETAILED MAPS:       (for 8.5x11 printing)
Burlington and Maple Park - ALL ROUTES (except 30 milers don't go through Maple Park)
Campton Area - 100 milers only (this one in for 8.5x14)
Elburn - 50 milers, and 100 milers on the Maple Park Loop

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