The Radioactive Materials Packaging Group

brief introduction (presentation)

Argonne National Laboratory has a multidisciplinary group of engineers who address the full range of issues and problems related to packaging and transportation of radioactive and other hazardous materials. The group is part of the Transportation of Hazardous Materials Section of the Energy Technology Division.


This group was formed in 1985. At that time several divisions at Argonne contributed engineering expertise to provide technical advice and support to an evolving DOE central office for the certification of radioactive material packaging.


The engineers in the group have expertise in all the technical disciplines relevant to radioactive materials packaging. They have received extensive training in specific topics related to radioactive materials packaging, including the applicable regulations. They participate in numerous forums to continue their education, and maintain their expertise by taking courses, attending meetings, and presenting papers in their specialties.

Related Experience

Argonne staff members have acquired extensive experience in related areas such as transportation tracking systems, evaluation of waste facilities, preparation of public education materials, and presentation of training courses for packaging specialists.


The group has evaluated many DOE radioactive material packaging systems, including such major items as Trupact I for trans-uranic waste, the BUSS Cask for heat source capsules, the SAFKEG system, and the UC-609 packaging for tritium. Click here for currently active packaging reviews, and here for a general description of the work of the Radioactive Materials Packaging Group.

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