Colorado 2008 trip pictures from the bike ride around Turquoise Lake.

The loop around the lake is about 16 miles or about 21 miles round trip from the motel in Leadville.  Total ascent is about 1700 feet or 2000 feet respectively.  About half of the ascent is a steep section of about 4 miles on the north side of the lake.  The route is used in a Leadville invitational event and the pavement is well marked with caution signs and turn or rough pavement markings as needed.  Dips and bumps are prominently marked on the pavement.  I only had one or two cars pass me on the whole 16 mile loop.

Click here for a map of the route for this ride.

View of Mount Massive across Turquoise Lake:

View of Mount Massive from the start of the downhill on the north side on the lake loop:

Family fishing near the dam that forms Turquoise Lake.  An unusual design spillway structure is seen at the center:

Mount Elbert as seen from the dam:

Mount Massive as seen from the dam: