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SOME PAST RIDES - Maps and Cue Sheets:  [Many of my rides are now listed at "bikely."]
  1. There is a lot of ride information on the  Metro Metric 2007 Route Information  and 2006  sites.
    E.g., see: "CUE SHEETS FOR POSSIBLE METRO METRIC ROUTE RIDES ... 32, 53 or 100 mile ride from Big Rock to Kaneville or Hampshire, etc." 
  2. 42 mile route from Kaneville to Burlington (part of Metro Metric route): "bikely map"   and  a cue sheet.
  3. 33 mile ride from Big Rock doing the south loop of the Metro Metric route (in reverse to avoid some mid-day traffic on Dugan Road):
            on a Google map   and   cue sheet.
  4. Big Rock to Maple Park and   Kuiper's apple orchard - 40 miles - "bikely" route on a Google map.   and   cue sheet.
            Alternate route ["bikely" route map] [cue sheet] (37 mi.)   or   ["bikely" route map] [cue sheet] ( extended to 45 mi.)
  5. Big Rock to Shabbona ["bikely" route map] [cue sheet] (47 mi.)   or   ["bikely" route map] [cue sheet] ( extended to 59 mi.)  See  PICTURES  below.

  1. A ride from Clyde Estates to take advantage of a strong SSW wind - to Bolingbrook and then NE along the I-55 frontage road and N on ClrHills Rd.  [basic 19 or 22 mile route]  option via Veterans:  [12 miles more]  or  [14 miles more] .
  2. Paved and limestone trial and local streets ride from Clyde Estates to Springbrook Prairie - 30 to 35 miles - A basic route - modifications:  B - C - D.
  3. Leisurely road ride from Clyde Estates to Hidden Lakes in Bolingbrook - 27 miles - Route
  4. Leisurely road ride from Clyde Estates to take advantage of a strong (20 + mph) south wind - 35 miles to Burr Ridge and Woodridge - Route
  5. Leisurely road ride from Clyde Estates to the Fox River in Montgomery - 50 miles - Low traffic roads and streets, and some paved trails.  See:  route  and Cue Sheet.
  6. Clyde Estates to Caputo's(Naperville) 45 miles round trip - south to 135th street through Downers and Bolingbrook and return via Naperville.  Good for a strong NE wind.  [MapMyRide route]   [Cue Sheet]
  7. Clyde Estates via I-MAX using Mill St. over I-88 through Fermi to Batavia and Geneva (57 miles).
    Cue sheet (.pdf)         Maps:  [Clyde>I-88] [I-88>Geneva] [Geneva>I-88] [I-88>Clyde] [All on one map]
  8. A 20 mile fast route from Clyde to Woodward/International in a "Google Directions" format - using "Drag and Drop"  "Driving Directions" on a Google Map.  This may take a minute or so to load - loads in a fresh window (PopUp).
  9. Clyde Estates to Bluff Road 40 mile ride via Old Chicago:   [Bluff Route Sheet]   [map]
  10. Leisurely road ride from Clyde Estates heading SE - 23 miles - Low traffic roads and streets, and some paved trails.  "MapMyRide" route  and a Cue Sheet from an older version of this route.
  11. Clyde to Panera (12 mi. for early Sunday AM only) and back (28 mi.) [ Cue Sheet]     ["Bikely" route out]   ["Bikely" route back]  
  12. Clyde to Willow Springs 11 miles there and 11 miles back - shortest comfortable routes. [out] and [back] and cue sheet.

  1. See the  McCollum century  below.
  2. McCollum route for a NE wind, SW on The Frontage Road: [25 mile Version] [27 mi. w.4-Lakes]
  3. McCollum to Bluff/Cass in Burr Ridge (for strong S-SE wind) 30 mile route not too hilly [w Culvers] [w Lisle]
  4. McCollum to S.Woodridge and Burr Ridge (for strong S-SW wind) 32 mi + 9 mi for lunch [ "MapMyRide" route]   [ Cue Sheet]    
  5. McCollum to Oswego - 62 miles - meshing with Ted's "The Way West"  with lunch in Montgomery on the Fox.
            MapMyRide route segment maps: [1]  [2]  [3],  the whole [route],  and Cue Sheet.
  6. 30 mile ride from McCollum in Downers Grove to Lisle and Hinsdale - "MapMyRide" map.
  7. 39 mile from McCollum via I-MAX to Waubonsie Creek and Rush Copley:     [FavoriteRun map]
            cue sheet: [1 page pdf] [lotus 123 spread sheet]
  8. 34 mile McCollum to SpringBrook Valley via Greene Valley:     [Bikely map]
            cue sheet: [1 page pdf] [pdf with elevations] [lotus 123 spread sheet]
  9. 30 mile McCollum south to Burr Ridge figure 8 loop:     [Bikely map]
            cue sheet: [1 page pdf] [pdf with elevations] [lotus 123 spread sheet]
  10. E-Z McCollum rides for a strong S to SSE wind - heads north on Cass and Bailey:
    to Burr Ridge via Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale  33 miles [Alternate Mapper] - with two rest stops:  first at Burr Ridge Town Center and the second at the gas station at Route 83 and 91st street.
    Or:  31 miles via the Centennial Trail - with one rest stop at the Willow Springs Road Gas City.
  11. McCollum to Caputo's fast ride:   [Caputo's Cue Sheet]   maps:   [out 23 mi.]   [Opt.]   [back 21 mi.]
  12. 19 mile ride to McCollum to Bolingbrook:   [Route Sheet]       [map]

  1. A 40-52 mile ride from I-MAX in Woodridge to Plainfield, out through Naperville and back through Bolingbrook:
    - - Version 1: "Bikely" route map  and  pdf cue sheet. ;   Version 2: "Bikely" route map  and  pdf cue sheet.
  2. Ride from I-MAX in Woodridge to Phillips Park (zoo) in Aurora (34 miles):  ["Bikely" route map]  and cue sheet [PDF] [Lotus 123];
        faster, but busier, version (35 miles):  ["Bikely" route map  and cue sheet [PDF] [Lotus 123]
  3. 36 mile ride from IMAX to Bolingbrook and back via Darien and Westmont
            "bikely" route on a Google map   and   cue sheet.
  4. 62 mile ride from I MAX to Waubonsee College and beyond [cue sheet]   [ "FavoriteRun" route map] - the cue sheet list a few additional maps

  1. Lombard (Sunset Knoll) to Fermi and Batavia  "MapMyRide" route map to Fermi  + "MapMyRide" Fermi to Batavia and back  and pdf cue sheet  - 45 miles.
  2. Lombard to Carol Stream and beyond  "Bikely" route map  and  pdf cue sheet  - 28, 33, 35 or 46 miles.
  3. Elmhurst(Depot) to Long Grove [Betty's ride] 60 miles round trip - "Bikely" route out
            and Cue Sheets: [OUT .pdf] [BACK .pdf] [Lotus123 OUT BACK] [Excel OUT BACK]
  4. Elmhurst(Depot) to Justice(Pastorino) [Labor Day ride] - "Bikely" route out  and Back
  5. 5 to 6 mile  WALK  in Lemont:  [route]  [updated].
  6. 5 or 7 mile  WALK  in Lisle - route:  [5mi] [7mi] [both] - [Cue Sheet]
  7. From New Lenox to Monee Reservoir, lunch in Monee, return via Old Plank Road Trail - 45 miles - route and cue sheet.
  8. From Greene Valley, to Springbrook and Waterfall Glen Forest Preserves (23 or 44 miles)     "bikely" route on a Google map. - Cue Sheet (.pdf) - 26 mile Greene-Waterfall only version.
    View from the top of the "mountain" in Green Valley Forest Preserve:

CENTURY ride:   McCollum Park Downers Grove going out west past Waubonsee and Kaneville into DeKalb County.
Route notes for the June 20, 2006:
Part 1 FavoriteRun Map [.gpx download]
Part 2 FavoriteRun Map [.gpx download]
Part 3 FavoriteRun Map [.gpx download]
Part 4 FavoriteRun Map [.gpx download]
Part 5 FavoriteRun Map [.gpx download]
 13.12	McCollum - McDonalds	
 24.44	McDonalds - Kaneville		24.44
 28.69	Kaneville to Waubonsee		28.69
 20.74	Waubonsee - River@Sequoia	20.74
 13.19	River@Sequoia - McCollum	
		plus  closure		 1.36
100.18	        <<=== totals ===>> 	73.87
0.00	 67 Powell Norfolk Dun 62 Plym 61 Persh 59	2.62
2.62	xBelmt ..Chase College Lamond Inv Janes Wisc Kath Curtiss Walnut Hitch	2.39
5.01	u.I-355 ... Westview=Front Main Burlington 	1.37
6.38	xRt.53 ... xYackley parking Indiana xOgden-L OldTavern=Lacey=Diehl	2.67
9.05	xNaperville ... HP-pk-lot apt-pk-lot Iroquois Chippewa Columbia Bauer
		xWash. xMill RoyalStGeorge Ogden(sdwk)	4.07
13.12	McDonalds  (parking: 1/4 mi. S. on River)	
0.00	McDonalds: River xRaymond =Brookdale xRt.59 =Bruce Campbell Fairway
		Allegre(op.Inland) path Genesee Oneida Enterprise	3.98
3.98	Aurora uRR xEola xStBr xFarns Church Hankes	4.63
8.61	xRt.25  xRR down path Illinois	0.77
9.38	RecCenter S to xRt.31 Plum Pensylvania Illinois
		xHighland xRandall xOrchard =Canterbury	4.59
13.97	Galena (try! vs. DownersPl option) Hankes  ^Rt.56 =Windsor	3.94
17.91	xBliss Merril(L)	2.04
19.95	xRt.47(Left:S! shoulder) Thornapple Scott Harter	4.49
24.44	Kaneville (Harter@Main)	
0.00	Main(W)  Owens  Miller  Harter(R:S)  Watson  Keskinger	8.88
8.88	xCountyLine ..Kess. ^I-88  Hinckley	6.06
14.94	McGirr(L:E)  Swan	6.09
21.03	Scott  Dugan  Wheeler	6.25
27.28	Heartland =Waubonsee	1.41
28.69	Waubonsee College	
	option: 2.66 miles less;  +2 miles for McD's:	
	Harter(R:NW)  Watson Kesslinger	6.22
0.00	Waubonsee to Naperville(River/sequoia):  Virgil Gilman Trail	3.45
3.45	over I-88-ext (IL Rt.56)  cont. Gilman Trail	2.58
6.03	over Orchard Road   Gilman Trail  Terry(L) Rathbone(R)  Cont. Gilman	4.38
10.41	Montgomery (Gas Station) Spencer
		Parker=RayMosesRd xHillAv  =Binder(jogsL)  Farnsworth	2.23
12.64	 5th(0.14mi) path(L) x(5th=Mccoy at) Kautz(S) WaubPath(1st L)(crossCreek)
		  [stay on McCoy=0.78 less]	2.78
15.42	 overEola  path(L;L;overCr;R;L)	0.92
16.34	McCoy  Frontenec  Gatewood  Princeton	1.00
17.34	xCommons .. Westbrook Trade x34 parking(L) AuroraMarket	1.00
18.34	x59 =Audrey  FtHill  Sanctuary  Sequaoia	2.40
20.74	 @River 	1.36
	River at Whispering Hills (parking for McD's)	
0.00	Sequoia(@River) Nap/PlfdRd Oswego West Hilside	1.67
1.67	xWash ..Hillside Charles(L:N) sch Edw Arth
		Olesen Green Greene ChuckEv Greene	4.62
6.29	Hobson dblEagle newRd Woodridge xRt.53
		Bradley-Clark 63rd ballPark brg sch Jackson	2.46
8.75	u-I-355 Lee Wolfe Hobson 59 Pershing 61 Ridge
		Dunham 59th Webster Washington	2.99
11.74	ClydeEstates  ..Washington  61st(jogsR)  Fairmont  67th	1.45
13.19	McCullum	
Pictures from the Thursday November 3, 2005 rides from Sugar Grove and Hickley to Shabbona Lake:


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