Technical Support To Ukraine on Transportation and Spent Fuel Storage

This was Work Perforned for the US NRC


The objective of this program was to provide the Ukrainian SCNRS (State Committee for Nuclear and Radioactive Safety) and its successor organization, the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety, with the information it needed to analyze shipping and spent fuel storage containers proposed for use in Ukraine. The skills that the Ukrainians acquired helps them determine whether such containers meet their regulatory requirements. Development of specific requirements for use in Ukraine, based on current IAEA approved transportation standards and on U.S. NRC spent fuel storage cask standards, was also under consideration.

Although Ukrainian national requirements had not yet been formally issued, for the purposes of this training it was assumed that transportation requirements would follow the latest IAEA approved standards and dry cask spent fuel storage requirements would be similar to those of the US NRC.

This was a new program at Argonne National Laboratory, initiated late in 1994. By the end of 1995, Subtasks 1 and 2 as described below had been completed and further work das being projected.

Original Project Description

Work to be Performed and Expected Results

In cooperation with the Government of Ukraine (most likely through the SCNRS or Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety), Argonne National Laboratory is engaged in a program encompassing the following tasks: