Sequoia, Kings Canyon Backpack
October 3 to 12, 2002

A backpack trip to the Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park in California, starting from Lone Pine - Independence - Onion Valley - east of the Sierra range, and going over Kearsarge Pass.

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A01 [Full Size] [Half Size] [Half Size] [Full Size] A02
At Kearsarge Pass going into Kings Canyon - day 2 of the trip

A03 [Full Size] [Half Size] [Half Size] [Full Size] A05
Kearsarge Lakes and Pinnacles - day 2 View to Forester Pass and Vidette Meadow from north of Bubbs Creek - day 2

A16 [Full Size] [Half Size] [Half Size] [Full Size] A20
At Reflection Lake - day 4

A24 [Full Size] [Half Size] [Half Size] [Full Size] B03
Harrison Pass - looking back down at the route up the north side - day 5

B05 [Full Size] [Half Size] [Half Size] [Full Size] B10
View south from Harrison Pass - Day 5 View south to the Kern River basin, south of Lake South America - day 6

B21 [Full Size] [Half Size] [Half Size] [Full Size] B24
View west to the Kaweah range from the Wallace Creek trail - day 8 View towards Mount Whitney from the Bighorn Plateau - day 8

C05 [Full Size] [Half Size] [Half Size]
Trail to Forester Pass - day 9

C19 [Full Size] [Half Size] - Lowest point   Devil's golf course - [Half Size] [Full Size] C21
C22 [Full Size] [Half Size] - Artist's Palette   Dante's View - [Half Size] [Full Size] C24
A day at Death Valley after the backpack trip, on the way back to Las Vegas

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