Lewis & Clark Discovery Ride

Elmhurst Bike Club
September 10 to 12, 2003
from East Saint Louis, Illinois to Saint Charles, Missouri

The pictures on this page are 1/8 size.  Click on any of the pictures to show a half size image (150 to 300 KB).  If you want a more detailed version of a photo (about 1 to 2 MB) send me an e-mail at:  

First day - Mississipi and camp at Horseshoe Lake:

Second day - Near Alton:

Ferry across the Illinois R. and rest stop in Calhoon County:

Start of the Katy Trail:

Ride back from St. Charles, MO:

Ferry across the Mississipi

Clark Bridge across the Mississippi at Alton:

Start and end point:

Video clip: 6 MB in mpg format.  To download use right click and save.  Don't try it over a phone line!

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