Ski trip to Davos, Switzerland
January 2006

with the Sanctuary Ski Club

The Davos ski area is about 100 miles east of Zurich.  The town of Davos is at about 4500 feet elevation above sea level.  The ski areas are above the town going from about 6000 to 9000 feet, and are generally reached by a funicular (cable railway) or by an aerial tram cable car.  Once in the ski terrain, skiers are served by a variety of trams and gondolas(15), high speed chair lifts(9) and surface lifts(29).  The largest area is the Parsenn;  and, there are 4 additional areas:  Jakobshorn, Pisha, Rinerhorn and Madrisa.  Sizewise, Parsenn is on the order of Vail or Snowmass, and Jakobshorn is also quite large.  The areas are connected by a bus system.  Parsenn and Madrisa are also accessible from Klosters which is a short train ride from Davos.

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