Hazardous and Radioactive Material Transportation

As a multipurpose National Laboratory, Argonne has extensive capabilities in all disciplines related to the transportation of hazardous and radioactive materials. Since 1985 major projects have focused on evaluating radioactive materials packaging, assessing the risk associated with transporting hazardous (chemically toxic) as well as readioactive materials, and predicting failure of components under extreme mechanical and thermal loadings. The Hazardous and Radioactive Materials Transportation Group is responsible for coordinating work in this area at Argonne.

Associated Organizations and Projects List

Radioactive Materials Packaging ... ... ... Contact P. Turula

Argonne has been the technical arm of the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. packaging certification authority, for the evaluation of radioactive materials packaging. Argonne is responsible for assessing the safety and the regulatory compliance of packaging designed for use across the DOE Complex for shipping fissile and radioactive materials.

Risk Assessment ... ... ... Contact S-Y Chen

In risk assessment work Argonne National Laboratory contributes to major programs associated with transporting hazardous and radioactive materials. Major accomplishments include the development of environmental risk assessment models, catastrophic risk management, and risk communication with community and stakeholder groups.

Engineering Analysis ... ... ... Contact C. Kot

Argonne also has considerable expertise, acquired through its extensive reactor engineering programs, in nuclear and chemical technology, safety analysis, hazards and risk assessment, structural and fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials behavior, high performance computing, and knowledge-based expert systems. Argonne engineers have developed state-of-the-art analytical methods and finite element computer codes for modeling the response of structures under impulsive loading, impact and penetration effects, thermo-elastic-plastic response, buckling behavior, and crash worthiness assessment.

Center for Transportation Research ... ... ... Contact C. Saricks

The Center for Transportation Research evaluates the effects of federal transportation policies and examines the prospects for new transportation technologies. Economic modeling and engineering are the foundation of the Center's work. Current projects address the feasibility of alternative-fueled vehicles, oxygen enrichment for diesel and conventional engines, controlling nitrogen oxides, hybrid-electric vehicles, lightweight materials, and gasoline reformulation.

Emergency Preparedness

Argonne has been extensively involved in emergency preparedness work for the last 15 years. Focus areas have been preparedness implementation, evaluation, research, and training, and have provided technical support to multiple federal agencies, American Indian nations, and foreign countries. Argonne has also developed and operated for many years nationwide computer information systems used by hazardous materials transportation professionals.

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